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CELEBRATIONS: There are numerouse reasons to celebrate and sending flowers to share the excitement is a great way to send your congratulations. Order online a bouquet or floral arrangement and we will deliver for you for birthdays, parties, New Born Baby...



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Polka Dot - Polka dots and posies, they are the perfect pair. Well, at least in this pretty arrangement they are.
Polka Dot
$74.95 -BUY NOW
Garden Spectacle - You will want to put this colourful arrangement on your hit parade of gifts to send. Bold primary colours and a perfect mix of flowers make it great for everyone.
Garden Spectacle
$79.95 -BUY NOW
One Fine Day - A chic, stylish twist on classic spring flowers! Peach roses pop against the bright flowers of this modern arrangement, presented in a leaf lined glass cube.
One Fine Day
$101.95 -BUY NOW
Ravishing Pink - A gorgeously chic gift for any occasion, this perky hot pink and green arrangement is pure fun. So much beauty for such a reasonable price, it is the perfect choice for birthday, love and romance, any happy occasion.
Ravishing Pink
$91.95 -BUY NOW
Shining Star - You couldn not wish for a prettier or more dazzling arrangement of wonderful white blossoms. Striking ivory roses, white spray roses, gerberas, asiatic lilies, salal and pittosporum are lovingly arranged in a sparkling clear glass cube.
Shining Star
$96.95 -BUY NOW
Surprise and Shine - Warm, rich colours of yellow, red and purple are contrasted with fresh green. Presented in a vibrant gift box that is adorned with colourful paper. It makes a beautiful and thoughtful gift. Brilliant? You bet!
Surprise and Shine
$91.95 -BUY NOW
Rainbow Surprise - All the colours of the rainbow are present in this fabulous box arrangement. It is so bright, so brilliant and so unique, it will put anyone in the mood for celebrating!
Rainbow Surprise
$101.95 -BUY NOW
Make a Wish - Want to make someones birthday really rosy? This is the perfect arrangement. Colourful roses, fun flowers all wrapped up in a box that has Birthday wishes written all over it!
Make a Wish
$96.95 -BUY NOW
Paradise - If someone you know loves the colours pink and purple,this box arrangement will create a sensation! A flower arrangement designed to create instant happiness.
$96.95 -BUY NOW
First Blush - Searching for a floral arrangement that is fabulous and flirty? Look no further than this blushing arrangement, created entirely from blossoms in pretty shades of pink and accented with a pink satin ribbon.
First Blush
$79.95 -BUY NOW
Sea Spray - As refreshing as a sea breeze, this fabulously fresh arrangement of white and green flowers, makes a very cool gift. Sweetly subtle, yet also exciting, it is a visual delight.
Sea Spray
$79.95 -BUY NOW
New Baby - Lucky bear! Make the new parents smile with this charming basket filled with flowers, assorted baby care essentials and a gorgeous teddy bear. Accented with a green satin ribbon, this thoughtful basket is sure to bring joy!
New Baby
$186.95 -BUY NOW
Celebrating Baby Girl - Celebrate the cutest baby girls arrival with this charming box arrangement that arrives chock full of pretty flowers. Perfect for baby showers too!
Celebrating Baby Girl
$101.95 -BUY NOW
Celebrating Baby Boy - Celebrate the coolest baby boys arrival with this charming box arrangement that arrives chock full of pretty flowers. Perfect for baby showers too!
Celebrating Baby Boy
$101.95 -BUY NOW
Sweet Sunshine - As refreshing as lemon sherbet, this sunny array of flowers in a yellow gift box tied with a matching ribbon makes a perfect gift for someone with taste. They will certainly admire yours.
Sweet Sunshine
$96.95 -BUY NOW
Cuddles for Her - Welcome the new bundle of joy to the family with this basket arrangement of lavender and pink blooms and a delightful bear.
Cuddles for Her
$121.95 -BUY NOW
Cuddles for Him - This adorable arrangement will brighten any room with its beautiful blooms and soft blue bear. The perfect gift for a new baby boy!
Cuddles for Him
$121.95 -BUY NOW
Worldly Welcome - Send this mixed arrangement of sweet white and yellow daisies, red roses, stock and adorable bear. Arriving with it, it is sure to bring lots of smiles.
Worldly Welcome
$131.95 -BUY NOW
Stylish Celebration - Send a smile and a hug with this stylish mixed arrangement of hot pinks and reds accented with a snuggly bear that everyone will want to hold. Simply charming!
Stylish Celebration
$96.95 -BUY NOW
Blushing Celebration - Go all out for your special someone with this opulently awesome array of lavish flowers and sparkling wine, hand arranged in a wicker basket. It is an absolutely irresistible gift.
Blushing Celebration
$171.95 -BUY NOW
It Looks Like Love - Send this beautiful gift set including a delicious box of chocolates and delightful bear paired with a vase arrangement of light red and pink blooms.
It Looks Like Love
$156.95 -BUY NOW
Pink Me Up - Youthful. Graceful. Beautiful. Whether you want this gorgeous pink vase arrangement to say Happy Anniversary or Happy Any Day, you can be sure the day it arrives will be brighter for anyone lucky enough to receive it.
Pink Me Up
$106.95 -BUY NOW
Enchanted Cottage - This magical vase arrangement will be at home in a cottage, a condo, a studio or an estate. It is so pretty it will be appreciated by all those lucky enough to receive it. Enchant someone today!
Enchanted Cottage
$101.95 -BUY NOW
Floral Fantasy - Upscale and uptown. This fantastic arrangement is a beauty and a half to behold. Overflowing with gorgeous blossoms and delivered in a leaf-lined cylinder vase, it is truly a floral fantasy.
Floral Fantasy
$141.95 -BUY NOW
Perfection - This glorious arrangement of yellow and orange flowers, is a floral creation that is done to perfection.
$121.95 -BUY NOW
Fiery Beauty - Spark someones attention by sending this absolutely radiant vase arrangement. Full of flowers and fiery beauty,it makes a beautiful gift for any occasion.
Fiery Beauty
$101.95 -BUY NOW
Island Daydreams - Island dreams can come true no matter where you are. This arrangement beautifully combines tropical flowers with greens and hand-delivers them in a dramatic cube.
Island Daydreams
$116.95 -BUY NOW
Burst of Sunshine - Shower them with sunshine! An abundance of yellow and green blooms bursts from this stylish container, bringing smiles along with it.
Burst of Sunshine
$84.95 -BUY NOW
Starlit Kisses - Wish upon a star, but seal the deal with the pure white perfection of this luxurious cube arrangement. These fresh and fragrant flowers will make you the star of her heart!
Starlit Kisses
$84.95 -BUY NOW
Sunbeam Smiles - Send smiles across the miles. This artful arrangement of sunny yellow blooms in a modern pot is specially designed to warm hearts and brighten days!
Sunbeam Smiles
$84.95 -BUY NOW
Balloon Bouquet - A bouquet of bright balloons, is sure to get that special someone back on their feet in no time.
Balloon Bouquet
$69.95 -BUY NOW
Fly High - Make birthday spirits soar by sending this fabulously fun vase arrangement and balloon. Bright primary colours make it perfect for guys and gals.
Fly High
$126.95 -BUY NOW
Dazzle Her - Dazzle someone on their special day with a stunning vase arrangement. Delightful blossoms and balloon are sure to make their day!
Dazzle Her
$126.95 -BUY NOW
Baby Girl air Balloon - Celebrate the new bundle of joy with this beautiful gift.
Baby Girl air Balloon
$93.95 -BUY NOW
Baby Girl - A beautiful gift to celebrate a new life.
Baby Girl
$84.95 -BUY NOW
Baby Girl Foil Balloon - This gorgeous arrangement is the perfect way to celebrate the new arrival.
Baby Girl Foil Balloon
$103.95 -BUY NOW
Baby Boy - beautiful gift to celebrate a new life.
Baby Boy
$84.95 -BUY NOW
Baby Boy Foil Balloon - This gorgeous arrangement is the perfect way to celebrate the new arrival.
Baby Boy Foil Balloon
$103.95 -BUY NOW
Twinkle Little Star - the perfect gift to celebrate the creation of new life.
Twinkle Little Star
$98.95 -BUY NOW
The New Arrival - an ideal gift for a new mother.
The New Arrival
$84.95 -BUY NOW
Cradle of Love - A beautiful baby basket filled with baby goodies to celebrate a new bundle of joy.
Cradle of Love
$103.95 -BUY NOW

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