Flowers that come in a glass Vase by Florist New Zealand

Beautiful Flowers Sent In A Quality Vase

Here we have something a little special! Not only can you send beautiful flowers in a colourful box, but also some items we can include a lovely vase as a lasting part of the gift - Great Idea!!!

Flowers that include a Vase


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Wonderful - Perfectly peach spray roses, asiatic lilies, carnations and spray chrysanthemums fill this cute mini box.
$96.95 -BUY NOW
Glorious Gerberas - Brighten their day with this exuberant burst of beauty! Joyful gerberas make everyone smile.
Glorious Gerberas
$79.95 -BUY NOW
Timeless Treasure - Send serenity with this artful arrangement of pure white roses and gerberas.
Timeless Treasure
$79.95 -BUY NOW
Serenade - A joyous surprise, this bright, beautiful box arrangement of pink roses, golden lilies and lavender daisies is sure to please.
$69.95 -BUY NOW
Softest Whispers - Any time is the perfect time to send a pink-me-up with this lush arrangement of lilies, roses and asters!
Softest Whispers
$101.95 -BUY NOW
Simply Stunning - A stunning study in contrasts, this fabulously feminine arrangement mixes pale pink roses with hot pink gerberas and purple stock. A simple way to show you care!
Simply Stunning
$79.95 -BUY NOW
Sweet Promises - Like the dawn of a fine spring day, this pretty pink gift of gerberas, roses and delicate blue delphinium promises happiness!
Sweet Promises
$101.95 -BUY NOW
Garden Oasis - Artfully yours. Impress that special someone with this natural sculpture featuring gerberas, roses, stock and ti leaves.
Garden Oasis
$91.95 -BUY NOW
Beautiful Day - Refresh the senses with the splendour of this colourful blend of gerberas, roses, stock, delphinium and Bells of Ireland in a vase.
Beautiful Day
$101.95 -BUY NOW
Artistic Expression - The art of love. Take their breath away with this uniquely sculptural arrangement of lilies, gerberas and canes of bamboo-like equisetum.
Artistic Expression
$91.95 -BUY NOW
Think Pink - Looking to pamper someone special? Think pink! Hot pink gerbera mix with soft pink roses and mini carnations in this fabulously fun arrangement.
Think Pink
$91.95 -BUY NOW
Starburst Splash - Joyful moments call for happy flowers! This box of blooms does the trick with orange lilies, pink roses, yellow daisies and hot pink gerberas.
Starburst Splash
$74.95 -BUY NOW
Isle of White - Wondrous white roses, gerberas and carnations in a vase bring a breath of fresh air to your special someone.
Isle of White
$106.95 -BUY NOW
Heaven Scent - Simply divine! Send them a slice of heaven with this lavish presentation of roses, gerberas and stock in a vase.
Heaven Scent
$131.95 -BUY NOW
Splendour - The graceful beauty of white lilies and opulent orchids is highlighted with an artistic, emerald-green backdrop of tropical leaves presented in a leaf lined vase.
$106.95 -BUY NOW
Party Girl - It is party time! And this ravishingly radiant array of orange roses and hot pink favourites presented in a leaf lined vase, is ready to get the show on the road.
Party Girl
$101.95 -BUY NOW
Delicate Dance - This gorgeous arrangement delivers the spirit of adventure. It is a unique mix of red roses, pink lilies, leaves and lily grass arranged in a chic leaf lined vase.
Delicate Dance
$101.95 -BUY NOW
She is Lovely - Indeed she is! Show her with this soft symphony of feminine blooms, including roses, gerberas and carnations in a raffia lined vase.
She is Lovely
$91.95 -BUY NOW
On My Mind - Stunning in its simplicity, this elegant vase arrangement of deep red roses and rich green foliage makes quite an impression.
On My Mind
$121.95 -BUY NOW
Make a statement - This lush arrangement of hot pink roses and greenery can be a fabulously romantic gift.
Make a statement
$121.95 -BUY NOW
Love is Divine - Loves divine, and roses are too. This beautiful vase arrangement of red and white roses is a timeless gift for your beloved.
Love is Divine
$206.95 -BUY NOW
My Perfect Love - When it comes to delivering romance in a big way, two dozen gorgeous red roses hand arranged in a glass vase,are a brilliant choice.
My Perfect Love
$216.95 -BUY NOW
I Love You - Show them how you really feel with this impressive arrangement of red and pink roses! It is a grand gesture guaranteed to make them smile.
I Love You
$121.95 -BUY NOW
Hearts Delight - What a delight! Six stunning roses put your love centre stage in this charming vase arrangement.
Hearts Delight
$91.95 -BUY NOW
Rosy Glow Dozen - What a bright idea! Send a summery treat to someone special with this cheerful bouquet of one dozen yellow roses in complementing vase.
Rosy Glow Dozen
$121.95 -BUY NOW
Polka Dot - Polka dots and posies, they are the perfect pair. Well, at least in this pretty arrangement they are.
Polka Dot
$74.95 -BUY NOW
Garden Spectacle - You will want to put this colourful arrangement on your hit parade of gifts to send. Bold primary colours and a perfect mix of flowers make it great for everyone.
Garden Spectacle
$79.95 -BUY NOW
Sweet Sunshine - As refreshing as lemon sherbet, this sunny array of flowers in a yellow gift box tied with a matching ribbon makes a perfect gift for someone with taste. They will certainly admire yours.
Sweet Sunshine
$96.95 -BUY NOW
Purest Intentions - For a gift of pure joy, send snowy white flowers in a classic clear glass vase. This lovely arrangement is perfect for just about any occasion, from birthday and anniversary to get well and new baby. They will adore it.
Purest Intentions
$106.95 -BUY NOW
Always a Lady - A romantic gift like this one is always appreciated. An eye catching display of roses and lilies is perfectly arranged in a clear vase which makes a beautiful and lasting impression.
Always a Lady
$126.95 -BUY NOW
Hooray for Love - Put these words into flowers with this magnificent arrangement of red roses and white lilies accented with fresh greenery delivered in a classic clear glass vase.
Hooray for Love
$126.95 -BUY NOW
It Looks Like Love - Send this beautiful gift set including a delicious box of chocolates and delightful bear paired with a vase arrangement of light red and pink blooms.
It Looks Like Love
$156.95 -BUY NOW
Pink Me Up - Youthful. Graceful. Beautiful. Whether you want this gorgeous pink vase arrangement to say Happy Anniversary or Happy Any Day, you can be sure the day it arrives will be brighter for anyone lucky enough to receive it.
Pink Me Up
$106.95 -BUY NOW
Enchanted Cottage - This magical vase arrangement will be at home in a cottage, a condo, a studio or an estate. It is so pretty it will be appreciated by all those lucky enough to receive it. Enchant someone today!
Enchanted Cottage
$101.95 -BUY NOW
Floral Fantasy - Upscale and uptown. This fantastic arrangement is a beauty and a half to behold. Overflowing with gorgeous blossoms and delivered in a leaf-lined cylinder vase, it is truly a floral fantasy.
Floral Fantasy
$141.95 -BUY NOW
Fiery Beauty - Spark someones attention by sending this absolutely radiant vase arrangement. Full of flowers and fiery beauty,it makes a beautiful gift for any occasion.
Fiery Beauty
$101.95 -BUY NOW
Fly High - Make birthday spirits soar by sending this fabulously fun vase arrangement and balloon. Bright primary colours make it perfect for guys and gals.
Fly High
$126.95 -BUY NOW
Dazzle Her - Dazzle someone on their special day with a stunning vase arrangement. Delightful blossoms and balloon are sure to make their day!
Dazzle Her
$126.95 -BUY NOW
Absolute Serenity - For a gift of absolute serenity and joy, this simple vase of pure white orchids is a study in beauty.
Absolute Serenity
$111.95 -BUY NOW
Zensational - Tall green cymbidium orchid stem - swathed in ti leaves and presented in a clear glass cylinder.
$79.95 -BUY NOW
Rising Sun - Arrangement of yellow cymbidium orchids and roses in a flax lined vase.
Rising Sun
$101.95 -BUY NOW
My Fair Lady - Your fair lady will love you for sending her this stunning arrangement. A vision in green and white, this definitely is not your garden-variety bouquet.
My Fair Lady
$101.95 -BUY NOW
Fond Farewell - Create a bright, heart-warming tribute to the special person who lit up everyones lives. Send a stunning leaf lined vase arrangement of golden lilies, white gladiolus and peach roses.
Fond Farewell
$136.95 -BUY NOW
Summers Light - Express your condolences in tasteful shades of colour with peach, orange and yellow flowers in a clear glass vase. For the service or the home, it is an elegant choice.
Summers Light
$111.95 -BUY NOW
Endless Love - If the red roses exquisite beauty is not reason enough to make it the ideal choice to express your love, its symbolism of magic and passion adds a message beyond words.
Endless Love
$116.95 -BUY NOW
Beautiful Love - This lavish gift set includes a gorgeous vase arrangement of twelve long stem red roses, accented with greenery, plus chocolates and a delightful bear.
Beautiful Love
$186.95 -BUY NOW
Infinite Love - Timeless romantic red roses and fragrant white lilies in a classic glass vase - a sweet yet spectacular way to express what is in your heart.
Infinite Love
$131.95 -BUY NOW
Eternal Love - This charming gift set includes a delicious box of chocolates paired with a vase arrangement of light pink spray roses, red miniature carnations and white alstroemeria accented with assorted greenery.
Eternal Love
$151.95 -BUY NOW

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