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Send an indoor flowering plants as a gift that goes on giving year after year. Flowering or non flowering plants make great gifts and we can deliver them. Even when a flowering plant has no flowers, it still provides an attractive foliage display for the house.

Indoor House Plants


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Opulance - With it is understated elegance, this gorgeous white Phalaenopsis orchid is a long-lasting choice.
$111.95 -BUY NOW
Simply Elegant - Known as a Peace Lily, this spathiphyllum plant with its dark green shiny leaves produces lovely white flowers all year.
Simply Elegant
$64.95 -BUY NOW
Green Garden - This beautiful gift is a garden of delights. Perfectly at home inside a home or office, it is a great gift for all reasons and seasons.
Green Garden
$96.95 -BUY NOW
Sweet as a Daisy - It is no wonder so many people are crazy about daisies. Daisy chrysanthemums, that is.
Sweet as a Daisy
$59.95 -BUY NOW
Delightful Day - This delightful dieffenbachia makes a dashing gift! Rich and relaxing shades of green are on display in this easy to-care-for leafy plant.
Delightful Day
$69.95 -BUY NOW
Plants Galore - You do not need a green thumb to love plants galore! Plants, plants and more plants are delivered in a stylish basket.
Plants Galore
$111.95 -BUY NOW
Emerald Garden - All kinds of gorgeous greens fill this basket that makes a perfect gift for men or women.
Emerald Garden
$91.95 -BUY NOW
Bromeliad Beauty - Related to the pineapple plant, perhaps because of its sweetness, this gorgeous beauty adds red and tropical greenery to any room.
Bromeliad Beauty
$69.95 -BUY NOW
Quiet Expressions - Three of the most popular and most loved of all plants, beautifully presented in a stylish container.
Quiet Expressions
$114.95 -BUY NOW
Rainbow Days - Full of good energy and delightful to behold, this potted gerbera will be a welcome addition to anyones home.
Rainbow Days
$69.95 -BUY NOW
Colourful Selection - A beautiful flowering plant guaranteed to brighten up any home or office.
Colourful Selection
$39.95 -BUY NOW
Potted Chrysanthemum - perfect for the home, office or as a gift.
Potted Chrysanthemum
$39.95 -BUY NOW
Bromeliad - perfect for the home, office or as a gift.
$72.95 -BUY NOW
Kalanchoe - perfect for the home, office or as a gift.
$39.95 -BUY NOW
Phalaenopsis Orchid - perfect for the home, office or as a gift.
Phalaenopsis Orchid
$96.95 -BUY NOW
Peace Lily or Anthurium - perfect for the home, office or as a gift.
Peace Lily or Anthurium
$72.95 -BUY NOW
Anthurium - Perfect for the home, office or as a gift.
$72.95 -BUY NOW

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