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Sympathy Spray and Funeral Wreath Flowers

Choose from our beautiful range of sympathy flowers. We can arrange funeral flower delivery to the funeral home or to the families home. Flowers are considered the best way to show your sympathy in the time of someones loss.

Flowers in Sympathy


Sympathy Flowers Delivery

Reasons to send flowers to show sympathy

There are many reasons to show sympathy and sending flowers or an indoor plant are often the best choices! Let us take a look at a few things we need to consider and six situations you may want to show your sympathy for.

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1 - Death of a loved one

There are a few considerations you need to make before choosing sympathy flowers for delivery! You can read the much more in-depth article on the Etiquette for sending funeral flowers, but in brief, the considerations in order to send appropriate flowers are as follows.

Flower colours and their meanings - Generally whites and softer pastel colours (light pinks and yellows) are the right choices for a funeral sympathy arrangement. Go to this page for more information on flower colour meanings

Flower types and their meanings - what types of flowers most appropriate as sympathy funeral flowers after someone passes away? - The Lily is most often associated with funerals and portrays peace and innocence and suggests the soul has returned to this state. Giving a Peace Lily Plant is a suitable longer life alternative as a gift to be sent to the bereaved families home. Here is a good thorough article on flower meanings.

Religious considerations - We have a comprehensive article on the religious considerations when sending flowers, however generally most types of flowers are suitable and although history does show preferences that were once adhered too; today generally any subtle style will be well received. The main exception would be if the religion does not believe in the symbolism of the cross - like Mormons for example.

floral funeral arrangements, Sprays, Wreaths or Bouquets? - Sprays traditionally come in double or single ended designs and are more often than not in a flat laying down position. Double ended Sprays are often used for "Casket Sprays" and laid on the coffin or casket. Funeral flower spray for a standLarger sprays can be placed on the stands supplied by the funeral home or church. A Wreath is often circular or heart shaped meaning eternity and often includes more greenery. These can be leant against a wall or laid flat. Sympathy flower bouquets are far more flexible when it comes to a design style, consisting of a beautiful bunch of fresh flowers, arranged in many ways plus often including a box with an absorbent sponge that helps them stand up and keep moist. Any style of flower arrangement can be taken home, however, Bouquets are generally a little easier for the family member to put in their car.

flowers funeral delivery or residence? - Should I send the flowers to the Funeral home, Church or the bereaved families house? This depends on a number of factors. If you live too far away to make it to the funeral, professionally designed floral tributes for funerals, delivered to the funeral home with a message for the family, is a perfect way to show them your thoughts are with them on this sad day. Alternatively, if you here of the bereavement early, sending a bouquet to the house is a comforting gesture and can include an offer of any assistance the bereaved may need.

Write a heartfelt message - In sad times like these the recipient of flowers will always read the card and what you write can help them through just a little. The main thing is to be genuine and compassionate. To grab some ideas have a look at Hallmark's bereavement messages for cards. With this knowledge, we can send your order to our florist for funeral flowers that will deliver the care and sentiment you wish to convey.

Requests to personalise - During the checkout process on Florist NZ there is an "Extra Information" box where you can put any preferences that you would like the florist to do their best to match. This could be a favourite type of flower - most common are Lilies, Gladioli, Carnations, Chrysanthemums, Roses and Tulips. Or a preferred colour etc. Our florists will always try to meet your wishes.


2 - Sympathy around Pets

We all know first hand how hard it is to say goodbye to a loved pet. In New Zealand, most families have had a cat or a dog and often both and multiples of. Sending flowers or plants for sympathy is truly a lovely thing to do at these times. If the owner of the lost animal is male, then the choice to send a gift basket could be better. Recently my mum's dog went missing and a close friend of hers sent some flowers and she was so grateful. Perhaps if a pet is sick or injured we could do the same. When it comes to writing sympathy messages for lost pets again use your personal knowledge of the pet and the family. Of course we can not compare the death of a person to a pet, however, pets really do become part of the family and a grief is a loss to some extent eh!

3 - Employment

It can be distressing at any age dealing with employment issues! Didn't get the job, they made me redundant, I got fired. What better reasons than to send flowers or plants for sympathy. These things always have a way of coming back around when it happens to you :-)

4 - Relationships

Mostly it seems that ladies have the most compassion when it comes to showing support around a breakup, divorce or a bad date! As we know flowers and sympathy just go together. For the happier side of relationships we can choose from the celebration range of flowers.

5 - Sympathy due to illness

Got a friend that is suffering from the flu or some other sickness? Flowers have the ability to cheer people up, there have been a number of studies including do flowers make you happy? that shows you are helping with your floral gifts. One thing to remember when planning to send flowers to a hospital, not all wards will accept all things! So if your friend is in a critical ward it may pay to either send them to their home once they are released or ring the hospital to check first.

6 - Sympathy because of an event

Showing sympathy after a dramatic or unwelcome event is always very well received. I lived through all the earthquakes starting in 2010 but way worse was the Tuesday 22 February 2011 at 12.51 p.m quake that shocked the world (and me) Anyway after the dust settled my family sent me a gift basket including a bottle of wine, I can't tell you how much that meant at the time! There are lots of events that could justify you sending flowers. Burglary, car crash, flood.... the list is endless.