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Tropical Flowers

Brighten up someones day with this lovely range of Tropical Arrangements and Bouquets. Bring the tropics to New Zealand with locally grown and imported flowers displayed by a local professional florist!

Flowers from the Tropics


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Tropical Splendour - This gorgeous arrangement, with its bold, beautiful flowers and foliage, offers some of the best of the tropics.
Tropical Splendour
$136.95 -BUY NOW
Opulance - With it is understated elegance, this gorgeous white Phalaenopsis orchid is a long-lasting choice.
$111.95 -BUY NOW
Secret Oasis - They will be thrilled with this artistic arrangement of orchids, lilies and exotic accents.
Secret Oasis
$131.95 -BUY NOW
Orchid Surprise - A generous bunch of exotic orchids. A simple gesture to send a taste of the orient into the home of your family and friends.
Orchid Surprise
$91.95 -BUY NOW
Purple Perfection - This eye-catching bouquet of lavender orchids is an eloquent expression of your affection.
Purple Perfection
$91.95 -BUY NOW
Zen Artistry - It is artistic arrangements like this one that make flowers such an integral and beautiful ingredient in feng shui. This gift takes artistry to new heights.
Zen Artistry
$96.95 -BUY NOW
Absolute Serenity - For a gift of absolute serenity and joy, this simple vase of pure white orchids is a study in beauty.
Absolute Serenity
$111.95 -BUY NOW
Zensational - Tall green cymbidium orchid stem - swathed in ti leaves and presented in a clear glass cylinder.
$79.95 -BUY NOW
Kissed with Bliss - An elegant way to show you care, this bit of bliss blends luxurious lavender roses with wondrous white lilies into a stunning floral sculpture.
Kissed with Bliss
$111.95 -BUY NOW
Serene Artistry - Give the gift of serenity with a graceful and contemporary arrangement of lilies, carnations and greens.
Serene Artistry
$84.95 -BUY NOW
Rising Sun - Arrangement of yellow cymbidium orchids and roses in a flax lined vase.
Rising Sun
$101.95 -BUY NOW
Exotic Grace - Arrangement of tall bamboo and birds of paradise complemented by a stunning mix of bright orange blooms.
Exotic Grace
$111.95 -BUY NOW
My Fair Lady - Your fair lady will love you for sending her this stunning arrangement. A vision in green and white, this definitely is not your garden-variety bouquet.
My Fair Lady
$101.95 -BUY NOW
Tropical Bliss - Now this is bliss! This tropical and tasteful creation is a beautiful and dramatic way to say something wonderful without using any words.
Tropical Bliss
$121.95 -BUY NOW
Fantasy Found - If you know someone whose fantasies might include something found on a tropical island, you have found their perfect arrangement.
Fantasy Found
$116.95 -BUY NOW
A Touch of the Tropics - This selection of exotic flowers will brighten up someones day.
A Touch of the Tropics
$93.95 -BUY NOW
South Pacific - brings a taste of the South Pacific into the home.
South Pacific
$57.95 -BUY NOW

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