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Wedding Anniversary Flowers 1st Year to 50th Anniversaries

There has been a long tradition of linking romance with flowers. There are specific flowers that symbolize just about any type of emotion you want to convey. Wedding anniversaries are a perfect example of how flowers have traditionally been the gift of choice when wanting to express love and commitment.

Celebrating love and romance with a gift of flowers is the perfect pairing. It’s hard to recall a time when romance wasn’t associated with the giving of a beautiful bouquet of fresh flowers.

Which wedding anniversary flower to useRoses traditionally represent love and as such, are the quintessential gift for expressing this emotion. You can’t go wrong with roses when you want to celebrate a romantic milestone or convey your feelings to a new love interest. In Victorian times, couples would send a wide variety of fresh flowers to each other, each kind expressing a specific heartfelt emotion. These same meanings are carried forth today and certain types of flowers continue to be associated with specific wedding anniversaries.

1st Anniversary - Carnations

The red carnation symbolises admiration, while the white carnation conveys pure innocent love. A gift of pink carnations says “I’ll always remember you”. The carnation is naturally long-lasting in terms of its lifespan and delicate clove-like fragrance, which means it’s the true embodiment of joy and a sacred commitment for many years to come.

2nd Anniversary - Lillies of the Valley 

This flower signifies purity of heart and happiness. They’ve also been long associated with devotion and humility. A legendary nightingale’s affection was so strong for this beautiful flower that it refused to return to the forest until the lilies bloomed in the spring.

3rd Anniversary - Sunflowers

Traditionally a gift of sunflowers conveys a “devout admirer”. This flower signifies warmth, strength and nourishment, which are all attributes of the sun. The manner in which this sunflower bloom turns to face the sun represents a deep constant loyalty.

4th Anniversary - Hydrangeas

With a splash of small delicate petals filling lush globes, hydrangeas represent both gratitude and pride. They convey sincere appreciation and praise.

5th Anniversary - Daisies

While the Victorian legend has maidens plucking petals from a daisy one-by-one saying “He loves me, he loves me not” to help them predict their future, daisies also indicate purity, innocence and gentleness on the part of both the giver and the recipient, conveying “You have just as many virtues as the daisy has petals”.

6th Anniversary - Calla Lillies

With a beautiful trumpet-shaped bloom and tall graceful shape, the calla lily symbolises growth and transition, representing the beauty and pride of a shared relationship and wisdom gained over time.

7th Anniversary - Freesias 

This flower symbolises fidelity and trust, seeking to be the antidote to the proverbial restlessness that is said to occur in the 7th year of marriage. Representing faithfulness, the freesia is the traditional reminder of the honour inherent in true love.

8th Anniversary - Lilacs

With heart-shaped leaves in deep shades of green and blooms with an irresistible fragrance, lilacs have been a favourite for decades. Reminiscent of young love and springtime, lilacs inevitably remind us of love’s first flood of emotions.

9th Anniversary - Birds of Paradise

With their large blue and orange blossoms, they resemble one of the most exotic looking birds in the world. These magnificent flowers symbolise the splendour and anticipation that comes along with love and romance.

10th Anniversary - Daffodils

In romance as in nature, the daffodil reminds us of the importance of simple pleasures and of renewal. With its sweet, fresh smelling fragrance, this pretty bloom represents one true love and the chivalry it deserves.  

11th Anniversary - Tulips

This flower conveys a declaration of love. It is said that the tulip’s black velvety centre represents the darkened heart of a lover in the heat of passion. The tulip traditionally represents grace and elegance.  And to many, it is the most romantic flower of all.Tulips for the 11th wedding anniversary

12th Anniversary - Peonies

Considered the flower of honour and riches, the peony in full bloom embodies love and prosperity. This flower represents a sign of good fortune and a loving marriage.

13th Anniversary - Chrysanthemums

The number thirteen is frequently associated with bad luck, but the beautiful chrysanthemum certainly does not signify anything unlucky when given on this wedding anniversary. Often associated with gentility and abundance, this flower also symbolises fidelity.

14th Anniversary - Orchids

A single pink orchid sends a message of pure affection. The cattleya orchid signifies charm. Traditionally orchids send a universal message of thoughtfulness, beauty, wisdom and love. This graceful flower represents understanding and affection.

15th Anniversary - Roses

This is among the earliest flowers ever discovered, so naturally it symbolises love, hope, magic and passion. Legend has it that Cleopatra scattered rose petals at Mark Antony’s feet in a gesture of beauty and perfection. Roses are the ultimate messengers of love, so radiant and exquisite in their beauty.

20th Anniversary - Asters

These flowers are attributed with magical powers, known as a talisman of love. The star-like bloom of the Aster represents patience and elegance, as well as good fortune and wisdom.

25th Anniversary - Irises

These flowers combine many of the best features of a long and happy marriage including promise, hope, faith, and wisdom. The iris is also the emblem flower of France, which is home to Paris, the most romantic city in the world.

30th Anniversary - Lillies

This flower symbolises magnificence, which typifies the status of a 30-year marriage. The sweet fragrance of the lily, along with its beautiful star-shaped bloom, represents pride, beauty and devotion, all testaments to the significance of this milestone.

40th Anniversary - Gladiolus

The name is derived from “gladius” the Latin word meaning “sword”, which describes the shape of the leaves. This flower represents remembrance, which suits an anniversary of so many years of memories to recall. Gladiolus also express infatuation and vibrancy, conveying to the recipient that they “pierce the heart”.

50th Anniversary - Yellow Roses & Violets

A wedding anniversary of such significance, celebrating a half-century of love and commitment, deserves two flowers. Yellow roses have always been the traditional gift for a 50th anniversary. With their lush sun-kissed coloured blossoms and sweet fragrance, they signify the inner light and beauty of an enduring and prosperous marriage.

Violets came into play and joined yellow roses in commemorating this milestone when, as legend has it, Josephine and Napoleon got married, she wore a string of violets. On every wedding anniversary they celebrated, Napoleon sent her a bouquet of beautiful violets. Representing virtue, faithfulness and modesty, violets symbolise commitment and humility, qualities that sustain an enduring love.

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